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The Lord Of The Rings trilogy has acquired a community following of collectors and sword enthusiast alike. Our variety of Officially Licensed replicas are in high demand due to the limited quantity and high quality carries.   While the movie props were sometimes made of resin to be lighter and easier to maneuver during filming, our replicas are made from solid stainless steel, making them collectibles that will last a lifetime. Each includes a premium wooden plaque for display. Find your next collectible from The Horn of Eomer, Mace of Sauron, or The Sword of Sam. 

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  • The Gandalf Collection

    The Gandalf Collection

    You won’t find the Gandalf Collectible Bundle anywhere else! These officially licensed “The Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy reproductions were meticulously recreate from the actual props used by the actor in the films. You’re...

3 of 3 Items