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Morgul Dagger Blade of Nazgul - The Hobbit - Officially Licensed

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Delve into the dark realms of Mordor with our authentic replica of the Morgul-blade from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sinister blade faithfully recreates the weapon wielded by the Witch-king of Angmar, the Lord of the Nazgûl.

Constructed with a stainless steel blade and solid metal hilt parts, this replica captures the menacing essence of the original movie prop. The blade, measuring 17 1/2" in length, is adorned with a distressed, acid-etched finish, lending it an aura of age and battle-worn authenticity.

Featuring a leather-wrapped grip and authentically "aged" and "battle worn" design, this Morgul-blade exudes an ominous presence. It comes complete with a wooden wall display, featuring a graphic motif of the Witch-king crown, making it a striking centerpiece for any collector's display.

Each replica includes a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its quality and legitimacy. With its overall length of 25 1/8", this Morgul-blade replica is a chilling reminder of the dark forces that once threatened Middle-earth. Please note that this item cannot be shipped to the following states: NJ, MA.